Thursday, May 2, 2013

Transfer your Game boy Camera pictures to a Linux PC.

   I followed this steps in Debian 7 but this will work on mostly any GNU/Linux based distribution.


  The needed tools to transfer your game boy camera pictures to the PC using this method are:
And of course, the obvious ones:
  • Game boy camera.
  • Game boy Pocket or Game boy Color - Advance - Advance SP (the old and loved DMG won't do the trick with the Mega Memory Card).
  • PC running a GNU/Linux distribution.

The process

    First of all, you'll need to understand the process that this method involves. The Mega Memory Card (MMC from now on) is a cartridge that can store multiple game boy save states. Your LSDJ songs; your pokemon saves or your photos from the game boy camera saves for example.

    The EMS GB USB smart cart (EMS Cart from now on) allows you to transfer gb roms and save states from and to the PC with an USB interface. 

That being said, the steps you need to transfer your photos to the pc are:
  • Transfer the saved photos from the camera to the MMC using your game boy (article pending).
  • Transfer the saved photos from the MMC to the EMS Cart using your game boy (article pending).
  • Transfer the saved photos from the EMS Cart to the PC using your PC (refer to this article).

    Once you get the save state into your PC you need to open it GBCamera Dump that works flawlessly in wine (it's a windows XP program).
GBCamera Dump can be downloaded from here. Or you can download my implementation of a dumper that works natively on any GNU/Linux distribution from here.

    From GBCamera Dump you'll be able to export any photo you want as simple as a mouse click is.

Awesome resources web pages

For checking out more pictures from my collection click here.

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