Thursday, November 20, 2014

Things to know about the Line6 DL4 looper

Line6 DL4 it's an amazing pedal, the delay sounds and even the modulation effect is amazing, but if you are thinking of buying it mainly because of it's looper functionality then you need to know the following things that no one seems to mention:
  • Loop mode it's not true bypass and you'll hear your tone a little darker in this mode.
  • You can't use the delay modelers while on Looper mode, you can only use an echo provided with a few parameters to configure that you can't activate or deactivate with your feet.
  • You can't access looper mode while on stomp mode with your feet without modifications to the unit.
  • Your loops are not stored. If you go to stomp mode or you turn off the device your loops are lost for ever.

If you're cool with that you won't regret of getting this pedal.

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