Monday, December 8, 2014

Analogue Drums BlackSmith drumkit in Hydrogen - Linux

Here's a script I've made that converts your BlackSmith Samples directory from this:

to this:

It categorize the samples in micking and round robin, so it's easier to import them from hydrogen.
That is, it adds the closemic, kicksubmic, overheadmic, roommic, smashmic and snarebottom, and inside those directories it adds folders for each round robin samples.

WARNING: Make sure you have a backup of the samples prior to execute this script. I'm not responsible if you loose your samples. This script is distributed without warranties.

The script can be customized to adapt to other Analogue drums kits. You can download it from here

You need to unzip the BlackSmith zip that Analogue drums provides you when you purchase the drum kit and change dir to BlackSmith/Samples from a terminal window, then copy this script to that directory and execute it. That's it. Now you can import the samples from Hydrogen in an easier way.

I'll see if I can make an scriptable Hydrogen drumkit generator for this drumkit. If not, a tutorial on how to do it will follow.

This post is really shallow, I'll make another one explaining the directory structure and how to pick the right sounds in instrument layers on Hydrogen.

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